Sunday, August 26, 2007

Unicorn and Forest Friends

Unicorn and Forest Friends
Story by Primadonna Angela
Character design by Winry

The unicorn is preoccupied with one thought—eating apples. The day is warm and humid, so she stands beneath an apple tree. She fornlornly stares at the apples. They are ripe and crunchy, tender but not that soft. She loves that kind of apple.

Suddenly she hears wings flapping and wind wheezing. She does not need to look up. The pegasus floats several inches on the ground, looking at her mockingly.

“It is hot, isn’t it?” The pegasus states the obvious.

The unicorn tries to look unaffected, but fails. Indeed it is hot. She has tried to quench her thirst at the brook, yet how could sweet, refreshing apples compare to plain water?

The pegasus chuckles merrily, flying higher and higher. The unicorn stares at him irritably.

“I bet you’re thinking about how lucky I am,” the pegasus said, hovering in front of the biggest and most luscious apple that the unicorn has ever seen. The unicorn stares numbly at him, wishing she could fly. The pegasus laughs and then takes the apple in one bite. The unicorn shakes her head sadly.

“Oh, pardon me, where are my manners?” The pegasus emits an annoying snort. “I should’ve offered you first! My, my, forgive me, Dear! Would you like an apple?” mocks the pegasus, sneering.

“Ah, no, thank you,” says the unicorn, gloomily. No matter how tempting the offer is, she knows the pegasus will take delight in reminding her that she has no wings.

“Whatever,” says the pegasus, biting one apple and then another, in front of the unicorn’s hungry eyes.

“Too bad you cannot fly.” The pegasus’ eyes twinkle in mockery. “Don’t you wish you had beautiful, sturdy wings like mine?”

Oh yes, a billion times, the unicorn says. Not out loud, though.

“Hey, me want an apple, please!”

The unicorn looks back, seeing the toothless baby dragon flapping his wings. The dragon’s wings haven’t developed fully yet, so he can only float for about ten inches from the ground.

“Ha, another useless creature!” The pegasus cackles. “Why don’t you get an apple yourself, wingless dragon?”

The dragon appears hurt. “In case you’ve forgotten, I do have wings,” he says, sulking.

“Yet you can’t fly!” The pegasus roars gleefully.

“Majestic Pegasus…” begins the unicorn, feeling sorry for the baby dragon. “You know that it’s not nice to pick on others. Everyone is different. We all have unique abilities.”

“Disabilities, you mean…” Naughty pegasus circles the dragon and unicorn, making faces.

“Why, you…” Baby dragon seems angry. He puffs and huffs, emitting sparks of flame. The pegasus tries to swerve to one side. Too late. The fire catches the smooth, pure white feather.

The pegasus drops on the ground, running here and there in panic. “Help! My precious wings! Lovely feathers! Look what you’ve done, you toothless dragon, you!” The fire does not spread, but a patch of the pegasus’ wings is black and smoking. “Ouch! It really hurts! Wait till I get my hooves on you, troublesome dragon!”

Now it’s the dragon’s time to laugh. For when the pegasus panicked, he shook the tree. Plenty of apples hit the ground, most of them are still fine and smooth. The baby dragon ignores the pegasus’ rambling and decides to help himself with some apples.

The unicorn supresses her desire to smile. She walks towards the pegasus, gingerly touches the wound with her horn. A radiant light bathes the pegasus, curing him instantly.

“Remember what I said? Everyone is unique. I do not have wings, but I can heal. Baby dragon cannot fly well, yet he can roast you if he feels like it.” The unicorn smiles, feeling happy that she can help.

The pegasus seems to be ashamed of himself. He flies without a word.

The unicorn just shakes her head. She turns her attention on the ground, trying to find edible apples. Alas, all of them are gone!

Baby dragon burps and says, “Sorry. I was hungry.” Then he leaves in a flash, apparently feeling embarassed for eating by himself.

The unicorn is still hungry and thirsty, so she decides to walk to the nearby stream. To her disappointment, the water is muddy and bitter. When the unicorn is about to leave, trying to find a place to sleep so that she will forget her thirst, she feels the wind blowing her face.

The pegasus. He carries a huge wicker basket on his mouth. Full of sweet-smelling apples.

“Thank you,” he says, after dropping the basket on the ground.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Global warming

Global warming is an average increase in the Earth's temperature. A warmer Earth may lead to changes in rainfall patterns, a rise in sea level, and a wide range of impacts on plants, wildlife, and humans. When scientists talk about the issue of climate change, their concern is about global warming caused by human activities.

There are some things we can do to make a difference, such as save electricity, plant trees, recycle, reuse, car pool, etc. PolarMint represents the effort to help reduce global warming, with the cute baby animal mascots: PolarMints; a polar bear, Artie; a killer whale, Sammy; a seal, and IceCube; a penguin

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Polarmint Mascots

PolarMints: a polar bear

Artie: a killer whale

Sammy: a seal

IceCube: a penguin

The Characters

Name: Rose
Race: Unicorn
Power: healing, purity, blessing

Rose is a female unicorn with an extremly shy personality. Rose, alongside with Violet, her male unicorn counterpart, are the protectors of the forest and its habitants; the animals and the plants. All of the animals love her due to her kind nature and her healing capabilities.

Name: Violet
Race: Unicorn

Power: invinsibility, indestructible uni-horn and hoofs for self defense.

Violet is a carefree unicorn and a more extrovert type comparing to Rose. He is an aggresive type of unicorn which is very useful in battles as a result of his invisibility skill and fighting competences. Together with Rose, he protects the forest from external menaces and extintion.

Name: Jade
Race: Dragon
Power: toxic breath, flight

Jade is a hostile green dragon which is actually a kind one, but often mischievous. His green toxic breath is considered dangerous to the forest dwellers.

Name: Ella
Race: Fairy
Power: fairy dust (magic skills), flight

Forest fairies are the friends of the unicorns. Like other fairies, Ella has a high-level of magic skills. The name Ella is derived from her signature magic spell: The UmbrELLA (a kind a defensive force field).

Name: Northwind
Race: Pegasus
Power: super flight, super speed

Northwind is a snobish majestic winged horse with a snowflake-like appearance. He often fells superior to other creatures and sees the unicorns as his rivals.
Forest Friends

The forest animals such as deer, squirrels, rabbit, bird, bear, and lion. All of them respect and love the unicorns except for the lion, who would like to take over the unicorns' role as the protector of the forest.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Uni Cornu

Many people thought that unicorn is only a myth or fantasy. But maybe, just maybe, somewhere in a place far, far away, like at the top of clowdy hills or deep in the dense forest, this shiny one-horned animal lives.